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Pull Wisely: Hellcat #4, Spire #7, Harley Quinn #26 and More!


  1. All-New All-Different Avengers #7 -- Standoff! All-New All-Different Avengers #7 -- Standoff! All-New All-Different Avengers #7 -- Standoff!
    w: Mark Waid
    a: Adam Kubert
    p: Marvel Comics

    As a tie-in with Marvel's "Standoff" series, the Avengers are facing off against the Uncanny Avengers. This follows on the heels of the Uncanny Avengers from a month ago, as well as the mysterious "Pleasant Hill" issues.
  2. Harley Quinn #26 Harley Quinn #26 Harley Quinn #26
    w: Amanda Connor
    a: John Timms
    p: DC Comics

    Harley's in a bit of a transitional period, having just encountered another run-in and battle with her ex (The Joker, of course) and about to begin a new arc facing off against Redtool. This issue gives her some time to regroup before the next adventure starts up again.
  3. Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat! #4 Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat! #4 Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat! #4
    w: Kate Leth
    a: Brittney L. Williams
    p: Marvel Comics

    It's Hellcat. Written by Kate Leth. And drawn by Brittney L. freakin' Williams. What more do you need? This comic stole our collective hearts when it premiered not too long ago, and it hasn't let it go ever since. You know what? You can keep it.
  4. The Spire #7 The Spire #7 The Spire #7
    w: Simon Spurrier
    a: Jeff Stokely
    p: BOOM! Studios

    I've been hooked on this series since we first previewed The Spire way back when. I'm still a big fan of its incredible visual style, and the story has kept me hooked since day one. Now in its penultimate issue, you bet that this comic will be heading out with a bang. Don't miss this one, folks.
  5. Star Wars #17 Star Wars #17 Star Wars #17
    w: Jason Aaron
    a: Leinil Yu, Gerry Alanguilan
    p: Marvel Comics

    Maybe I'm just in some serious Star Wars withdrawal. Maybe I'm just hoping for something to tide me over until the next major Star Wars release comes out. Either way, I've actually been really digging on this Star Wars run, and I think that's just fine. Any time I get to spend in this world is time well spent.
  6. Wonder Woman #50 Wonder Woman #50 Wonder Woman #50
    w: Meredith Finch
    a: David Finch
    p: DC Comics

    This week brings us the 50th super-sized issue in the Finch's love-it-or-hate-it run with Wonder Woman. I may have mixed feelings about it, but I admit, I'm still reading it.
  7. X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever #2 X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever #2 X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever #2
    w: Max Bemis
    a: Michael Walsh
    p: Marvel Comics

    Worst X-Man Ever has been a divisive mini-series so far. Either you think young Bailey's endearing, or you don't understand why this story isn't about one of the more popular X-Men characters. He did say he was the worst X-Man, okay? It's a comedic take on how it might feel to be an outsider among outsiders – more light-hearted than your typical X-tale.
  8. Doctor Who Fourth Doctor #1 Doctor Who Fourth Doctor #1 Doctor Who Fourth Doctor #1
    w: Gordon Rennie
    a: Brian Williamson
    p: Titan Comics

    The Fourth Doctor, the Doctor many here in the States grew up with on PBS, is alive and well in comics! Join him and fan-favorite companion, Sarah Jane Smith, in an adventure set in Victorian England!
  9. Totally Awesome Hulk #4 Totally Awesome Hulk #4 Totally Awesome Hulk #4
    w: Greg Pak
    a: Frank Cho
    p: Marvel Comics

    It's the conclusion of the first story arc for Amadeus Cho as The Totally Awesome Hulk. In his fight against Lady Hellbender, will the Hulk find an enemy, a frenemy, or...something else? Check out this issue and find out why the Hulk really is totally awesome these days!  
  10. Hyperion #1 Hyperion #1 Hyperion #1
    w: Chuck Wendig
    a: Nicole Virella
    p: Marvel Comics

    This long-running, oft-changing Marvel character is being re-introduced in a new #1 issue that finds him hiding out as a truck driver trying to learn more about the U.S, the country he's adopted. But when he connects with a runaway named Doll who is suddenly in danger, will Hyperion reveal himself and his powers to save her?

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