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Convertible Privacy Booth Chair is Exceptionally Unsubtle

Combining all the privacy of a voting booth with the class and utility of a truck cap, this hooded chair is designed to give you some alone time. Complete with a detachable shroud, the chair goes from being a drab little seat to a coffin-like enclosure within seconds. Why? Who knows.

According to the designers, ADDI, the chair is “perfect when you want to hide in plain sight or just do some confidential work in public.” Indeed.

First off, “hide in plain sight” would imply that you wouldn’t need a big ol’ hood to hide under. Also, everyone knows that hide in plain sight is a level 17 Ranger skill, or level 8 Assassin skill, so using a chair to pull it off is just silly.

Secondly, the chair looks about as comfortable as the seats placed in airports. You know, the ones that are meant to prevent people from sleeping in them? The idea of spending any amount of time in one of those — hood or not — just does not square with me.

In the end it’s a neat idea, but if I need to feel like I am sitting in a nest, I’ll just get one of those awesome egg chairs instead.

(ADDI via Giz, all images via ADDI)

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