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Thousands of Smuggled Capsules Filled With Powdered Human Baby Flesh Seized in South Korea

Last year, we wrote about a South Korean team that was investigating the production and sale of capsules filled with powdered human baby flesh in China. When the team investigated, they reportedly found a hospital that sold the dead babies, with the dead babies mostly being abortions and stillbirths, to medicine companies. These medicine companies would put the dead baby into a medical drying microwave, then grind the dried result up into powder and put it into a pill capsule. The pills were reportedly being sold to enhance stamina, though what variety of stamina was not clarified. Now, South Korean officials say they seized thousands of capsules of smuggled dead baby pills.

As of last August, the Korean customs office has discovered 35 smuggling attempts that consisted of around 17,450 capsules, disguised as the aforementioned stamina enhancer. Reportedly, some people claim the pills to be a panacea for disease, but in a cruel twist of powdered human flesh fate, the pills were found to contain super bacteria.

As one could imagine, the smugglers claimed they thought the pills were simply stamina boosters, and were not privy to the ingredients. Interestingly, the capsules were confiscated but no one was punished, as the amount being smuggled was decided to be small and supposedly not intended for sale.

Chinese media claim the northeastern provinces the culprits of the powdered human flesh pill trade, specifically Jilin, which is next to North Korea.

If you’re wondering, no sicknesses have been reported from ingesting the powdered human flesh pills, but one wonders if a person who dabbles in the illegal dead baby pills would admit to said dabbling, or even go to a regular doctor regarding the side effects of ingesting powdered human baby flesh. Yes, that was a sentence describing a real thing in real life.


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