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These Pooping Dogs Lamps Were Banned From an Art Exhibition

Artist Whatshisname created these two lamps that portray pooping dogs, the bigger of the two dubbed Good Boy and the smaller dubbed Good Puppy. The switch to turn the bigger lamp on and off is actually the pile of curled poop found underneath the dog that you need to step on, so don’t you worry, the poop is practical. The artist states that both of the lamps were set to be part of the Art Below exhibition at London Underground stations, but were banned from the show due to being offensive. If you’d like to get ahold of one of these lamps, you actually can, but it’ll cost you.

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You can actually buy these lamps, but they cost around 2,500 pounds, or around 3,850 dollars. There are one hundred available worldwide. If you’d like to add the tasteful, banned poop lamp to your home, head on over to Whatshisname’s website and drop shoot an email regarding a purchase.

Look at him. He knows what he did.

His younger friend seems pretty proud of what he did.

(Whatshisname via Laughing Squid)

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