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You Can Own This Awesome Triforce Lamp


If you don’t have enough Triforce paraphernalia or tastefully dim lighting in your room, Etsy user Pete Betcher has you covered with this awesome Triforce lamp. The item will set you back a pretty penny, sporting a price tag of $95, with shipping pushing that price over $100, but at what price courage, wisdom, power, and lighting?

Not only can the lamp sit on your desk, classily lighting your room and also professing your love of a certain genre of entertainment, but it can hang as well, and become the floating beacon that guides you back to your room after a midnight bathroom trip.

The lamp, which measures 11 inches on each side, is composed of a poplar frame and birch face, while the golden bits are made with acrylic yellow plastic. Those holes on the sides of the Triforce aren’t speedholes, they’re a pixelated aesthetic that also allows the light to be cast from the lamp in a visually appealing way.

An incandescent bulb is not suggested, as their increased heat could cause problems. The lamp comes with a 6-foot cable and appropriate hardware if you’re so inclined to hang it instead of let it sit on top of a surface. Currently, the lamp is on pre-order, so you should get in while the getting is still gettable.

(via Kotaku)

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