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Pokémon Black and White Japan Release Date Revealed

Pokémon Sunday, the hourlong TV Tokyo show about nothin’ but Pokémons, got the scoop on the previously unannounced Japanese release date for Pokémon Black and White: The fifth generation of Pokémania will commence on September 18, 2010 in Japan.

The U.S. release date for Pokémon Black and White is still unknown, but is expected to come some time in the spring of 2011. At that, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo surprise-released them in North America just in time for the Christmas season in characteristically tiny bursts of inventory, a la the Wii; note that this is based on ‘something that sounds plausible in my head’ rather than ‘something that is objectively confirmable or based on knowledgeably-sourced industry rumor.’

There are eight previously unseen Black and White Pokémon in the Pokémon Sunday clip below; there’s very little info on most of them, however. does the best job of figuring them out. Another huge revelation from Pokémon Sunday: there appears to be some sort of roller coaster ride.

(Joystiq via T3ch H3lp)

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