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Check Out Plink, a Weird Cooperative HTML5 Music Game

Designed by Dinahmoe Labs, Plink is a simple HTML5 multiplayer music game, where one can probably get away with replacing the term “game” with “interactive generator.” Simply log into Plink by venturing to its home, hit the “OK” button when it finishes loading, choose a name, then hit “OK” once more, and you’ll be transported to a screen that looks like the above screenshot. Your name, along with other users’ names, will appear next to a circle with smaller circle shooting out of it, flying to the left toward a column of colored the boxes. Press and hold the left-click for any length of time, and your colored circle with shoot out solid circles, rather than the empty, outlined ones, and it will generate an instrument of music for the length of the hold. If one gets tired of their current synthstrument (copyright Geekosystem?), players can switch by clicking on one of the colored boxes to the left. There doesn’t seem to be much of a point to the game — no score, no competitive features — but it’s a fun game in which players can join together to make music relatively easily, and help each other zone out to the dulcet tones of synth.

(via Hacker News)

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