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Plantable Comic Books

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Here are a couple of comics that you won’t want to just shove in plastic sleeve with cardboard backing and file in a box.  Sure, they cost about $1.50 a page, but when you’re done reading you can make them into plants.

Needless to say, there’s dubious literary value to The Gardener and April Showers (add “She Makes It Rain Flowers” to the list of terrible tag lines).  But Comics Alliance shows us a different way to look at it:

It’s no secret that comics as printed periodicals aren’t especially green. Many are printed in China, where environmental standards are lower than the U.S. and Canada, few are printed on recycled paper, and even fewer use soy-based inks. Many people are looking toward digital distribution to cut down on environmental impact and excess storage.

When buried and watered, the two pages of April Showers will come up assorted wild flowers; while The Gardener will produce slightly more useful and delicious organisms: mixed herbs.

Sprout Home, makers of the books, seems aware of The Garndener’s utility as well:

No one messes with the Gardener! He will strait up plant some herbs on ya….

You laugh, but that’s exactly how Poison Ivy defeated Clayface in the most one sided supervillain battle I’ve ever seen.

(via Comics Alliance.)

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