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Pizza Hut Debuts Cheeseburger and Chicken Crust Pizza

The Middle East branch of Pizza Hut is debuting two very special new pizzas. Dubbed the Crown Crust Pizza for its crown-like shape, one of the pies has a crust made of cheeseburgers, and the other has a crust made out of chicken fillets.

Both pizzas have toppings themed with the crust item, so the cheeseburger crust pizza will come with burger toppings, including special sauce, and the chicken pizza will come with green peppers and barbecue sauce, among other chicken-related items.

Cheeseburger commercial:

Amusingly identical Chicken Fillet commercial:

The cheeseburger and chicken fillet Crown Crust pizzas aren’t the first time Pizza Hut tried their hand at the crown-like pies, as a couple of years ago, a Crown Crust pizza had meatballs and cream cheese balls in place of the cheeseburgers and chicken fillets.

The new pizzas may seem unsavory at first, but keep in mind, these pizzas are so radically different from a regular cheese pizza, that it’s more like a whole new meal with some extra cheese and bread — two ingredients that, for instance, a cheeseburger or chicken sandwich probably already has.

(via Eater)

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