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Get a Vasectomy and Free Pizza So You Can Watch the Basketball Tournament Guilt-Free


March Madness is upon us, and the Urology Associates of Cape Cod are offering the sweetest deal for those who want to be free of guilt, but also full of food, so they can watch the tournament in peace and without hunger. If you get a vasectomy at the practice, not only will it come with a free pizza, but the practice claims you can now watch the “basketball tournament” “guilt-free.” I know whenever I watch basketball, all I can think about is how I’m still able to procreate, and that makes me so guilty that I just can’t enjoy any basketball excitement.

Fortunately, the vasectomy-pizza deal is intended to be a lighthearted campaign, to both raise awareness, as well as business. How does college basketball tie in, you may wonder? Practice administrator Evan Cohen notes that a patient requires a few days rest after getting the procedure, so getting the procedure in time to be “forced” to rest during March Madness would be opportune.

As for the free pizza? Provided by Surf’s Up Pizza and Seafood, Cohen notes that it comes with one topping, and jokes that maybe the topping should be meatballs, making all men think twice about getting a vasectomy from a practice full of comedians.

The article from the Cape Cod Times is also full of jokes, sporting the title “Ouch potato,” and casually using the line “call it a pie for the sterile guy,” in reference to the free pizza. Toward the end of the article, it is mentioned that vasectomies are reversible, and delves into some of the related statistics, topping it off with a line about how you don’t have to return the pizza, at least, if you go back on your vasectomy.

Everyone’s a joker.

(Cape Cod Times via The Daily What)

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