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PixelTable Rearranges Itself Around Your Needs, Is Basically A Bundle Of Sticks

Traditionally, a table or desk has finite surfaces and drawers that you, the humble user, are forced to use as they are. The 45 cm3 bamboo PixelTable by Studio Intussen, on the other hand, tries to turn that tradition on its head by allowing itself to be dynamically redesigned around whatever need you have at any particular moment. Need a surface? Pull a few beams out. Need a drawer? Push a few beams in. All done? Jam it back into a cube. It’s definitely a unique idea.

Presumably, the outer layer of the PixelDesk is glued together, or something, to keep the whole thing from falling apart. Also, you’d have to imagine there’s something keeping each bamboo slat from coming all the way out and causing some sort of cave-in. Something besides “common sense.” Other than that, however, the PixelDesk is pretty much just a pile of sticks. Think of the killer profit margin you could get on these bad boys.

It’s also worth noting that while this seems to be a space efficient piece of furniture since its surfaces can retract, it’s actually going to require operating space on both sides if you want both cupboards and shelves, so it might be hard to find a place to put one of these. Still, it’d definitely make for a neat conversation piece, that is, if you don’t mind repeatedly answering questions like “So why do you have a pile of lumber in your living room?”

(Studio Intussen via Gizmodo)

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