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Wooden Floppy Disk Coasters Both Class and Geek Up the Place


If you feel the need to display your old floppy disks to show youngsters what the world was like before optical and flash media, and also need a place to rest your drinks so as to not create a visible, ugly ring on your tabletop, these wooden floppy disk coasters seem right up your alley. A pack of four classy wooden floppy coasters will set you back $37 over on Etsy, and sure, you could use a regular floppy disk, but chances are you either don’t have any lying around, or the ones you do have lying around are holding precious almost megabytes-and-a-half of information that you don’t want to expose to the dangers of liquid-filled glasses.

The coasters measure 3.25 inches by 3.25 inches, so they’re slightly smaller than regular floppy disks, but kids these days won’t notice the difference, since their preferred form of storage media is much smaller (and much more efficient and holds much more data). Each of the four disks can also be purchased with a custom message, which the seller asks to be designated with red font when ordering.

(via Technabob)

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