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We Are Totally On Board With This Pirates-Themed Home Theater

In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

With the fourth Pirate of the Caribbean out in theaters now (to not so stunning reviews), many fans of the series have waned in their enthusiasm. The same could not be said for a man in Florida, who commissioned Elite Home Theater Seating to build him a completely decked out Pirates-themed home theater, shelling out $2.5 million for the service. Now that’s a lot of booty.

The theater will include a ship deck, a tavern, and a ticket booth entrance. According to the renderings, it’ll be quite the swanky set up.

Just imagine the pirate-themed fare that could be viewed here.

Any mutiny on the bounty will be immediately put to rest as soon as any bandit rests their booty in these leather reclining chairs.

Any buccaneer would be lucky to swash-buckle across these cobblestones.

And the evening could end in the candle-lit tavern, surrounded by wenches and rousing sea-shanties.

Just one question: What is a pirate ship without a plank? How else will you punish mutinous guests? C’mon, at the very least I can spot five different paths for a great round of planking.

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