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Another Holiday Season Brings Another Awesome Batch of Star Wars Christmas Cards and Ornaments

Because Life Day is for chumps and wookies.

Lando Ornament Star Wars PJ McQuade

It’s officially December, so now we can all freak out about the holidays as much as we want to without people getting mad at us! Hooray! If you’re the type to celebrate the season by sending your friends and families festive cards, then you should check out the new line of Christmas cards by artist P.J. McQuade, who we’ve featured on the site before.

As with all his Christmas fare, each one of the new cards features a character or setting from the Star Wars movies, plus a pretty amazing pin. Of course, we feel the artist will probably never top  “You’ve Lando’ed Under the Mistletoe” because, y’know, Lando. However, these are still pretty great.


Santa Yoda — apparently he knows if you’ve been “sith or Jedi,” according to the inside of the card.


The Mos Eisley Cantina all decked out for the season. The card reads, “Hive a Mos Wretched Holiday.” It’s double-sided, too — this is just one half of the scene.

Double-sided just like the Mos Eisley card, this one’s got… well, Jabba bells.

Wampa Star Wars Christmas cards PJ McQuade

And finally there’s this one, which depicts Luke telling everybody about the Wampa. Get it? “WAMPA in a Winter Wonderland?” We’re cracking up just thinking about it.

If cards and/or Star Wars aren’t necessarily your thing, then McQuade’s also got ornaments like the one at the top of this post, as well as Santa-hat-clad Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and Quint from Jaws. They’re basically the best thing ever, so you should go over to McQuade’s Etsy page and see them for yourself.

(via P.J. McQuade on Etsy)

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