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Don’t Know What the [email protected]!% to Buy for Christmas? This Website Will Tell You

We assume was taken.

What The Fuck

Christmas shopping season is upon us, and if you find yourself indecisive about what to buy that special stick figure in your life, there’s [email protected]! We grawlixed out the potty words in the image and preview, but a warning if you scroll down: Here be F-words! comes to you from the same geniuses who made, a site that — as the name implies — helps you decide what the fuck to make for dinner by telling you what the fuck to make for dinner.

The Christmas version lets you select between gifts for men and women, and makes a fucking suggestion with a link to purchase the fucking thing. We could do without the gender binary, but considering the site is over-simplification at its fucking finest, we’re not too surprised by it.

Having clicked through a few of the options for both men and women, it seems a fair number of guy items are related to shaving, and a number of the women’s items are clothes. In each category, we found completely gender-neutral gifts like bacon-flavored candy canes and a 6-pack-holding beer belt. If the bacon-flavored candy canes are anything like the bacon candy we tried on Mischief Night, stay away.

We don’t expect anyone to get all their holiday shopping done through, but if you find yourself really stuck on ideas for someone, maybe give it a fucking try.

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