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Holy Medusa, Phil Noto’s Retro Marvel Variants Are Effin’ Gorgeous

All of the glamour of the '70s without the platform shoes.

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Phil Noto’s work as an artist has always been exceptional (his current run on Black Widow in particular), so it’s not surprising that Marvel would one day give him the opportunity to spread his awesomeness across their entire universe. But these variant covers for February are really something else.

If I had to pick a favorite, it would either be the Radio Raheem-evocative Captain America or the Guardians of the Galaxy cover that looks like a young adult sci-fi novel. Either way, I want prints of every single one. There’s twenty covers coming in all, but check out the first fourteen in the gallery above and weep for the She-Hulk cover that might have been. (Seriously, can you even imagine how well she’d rock a retro pantsuit?)

(via Nerdist)

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