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Peter Thiel To Launch Conservative Dating App Because No One Wants to Date Republicans

Peter Thiel

Billionaire venture capitalist and enemy of the free press Peter Thiel has had a busy few years, what with cozying up to Donald Trump and peacing out of the Meta-verse after its stock tanked. Now, the authoritarian fanboy has set his sights on a conservative dating app. Thiel invested $1.5 million in “The Right Stuff”, an invite-only dating app catering to conservatives living in large, progressive cities. The app will launch this summer in Washington D.C., and looks to be modeled after Raya, only more depressing.

The PayPal co-founder has recently pivoted to finding and supporting more Trump-friendly political candidates, after donating over a million dollars to Trump’s campaign in 2016. He has currently spent over $20 million on various fringe campaigns, favoring candidates who espouse the Big Lie and other conspiracy theories. Thiel’s deep pockets and lack of morals are positioning him to be the next Koch brothers or Sheldon Adelson.

“The Right Stuff” is the brainchild of former Trump political aide John McEntee, who is considered a key figure in the January 6 Capitol riots. Conservatives have tried to create right-wing alternatives to traditional apps, such as Parler, Rumble, and Gettr, all of which are considered failures with low engagement and member retention. After all, what good is a social media app if they can’t troll the liberals? These apps are just five people in a chat room typing “LET’S GO BRANDON” in all caps.

TRS isn’t the first conservative dating app. There was 2018’s Righter (yes that was really its name), which was aimed at Trump supporters who felt alienated from Tinder and Bumble (boohoo), in addition to both  Donald Daters (barf) and Conservatives Only (double barf). All sites saw dwindling numbers and practically abandoned social media accounts.

Apparently, most folks aren’t interested in dating or sleeping with the acolytes of a racist, sexist, xenophobic conman who fomented a violent insurrection in our nation’s Capitol. I guess conspiracy theories are not an aphrodisiac. When you hate everyone, it becomes very hard to find someone to love you.

Many took to social media to roast Thiel and his odious new investment:

Peter Thiel is a fascist nightmare of a human being, who is creating a dating silo where other fascists can find and date one another. Hopefully this will taking them out of regular dating circulation, and they can marinate in their own racism and toxicity with like-mindless individuals.

(via The Hill, image: Alex Winter/Getty Images)

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