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Meet Patrick, The World’s Oldest Wombat

That's not a wombat. This is a wombat.

At the tender age of 27, Patrick at the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Australia is most likely the world’s oldest recorded wombat. He is also bigger than any of us ever thought it was possible for a wombat to be. We are equal parts excited and terrified by his existence.

Patrick here weighs 66 pounds and is about 12 years older than the average wombat lives to be. Unfortunately, he will probably never be able to pass on these amazing genes that have kept him alive for so long, because he’s never actually mated with a female wombat. Poor little… erm, poor guy.

And look! Because we love you, we have video of Patrick doin’ his wombat thing in late 2007. Just like all of us, he was a lot smaller when he was younger.

(via Buzzfeed and MSN Now, image via Instagram and Reddit)

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