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Pat Robertson Wants Ken Ham to Shut Up and Stop Making Religious People Look Bad [Video]

Pat Robertson: unlikely voice of reason.

If you believe that God created everything, that’s fine. I’ll agree to disagree, because neither of us can prove one way or the other. What is completely crazy (and undermines those who believe that whatever we find to be the beginnings of life and the universe was still created by God) is Ken Ham’s version of creationism, and Pat Robertson is here to tell you about it.

Robertson’s viewpoint is simple, and it’s one I happen to agree with: there’s no sense in ignoring scientific evidence to support evolution, the Big Bang, or anything else creationists take issue with, because none of it means you can’t still follow your faith or believe in God. If you believe God is capable of creating everything, why not believe he created the universe the way those smug scientists theorize it?

Here’s the thing: yes, there are questions that science doesn’t yet have the answer to. That’s the great thing about science—if it had an answer for everything, we wouldn’t need it anymore. However, when in doubt, science goes with whatever theory the evidence best supports, and that theory is not creationism.

In fact, Phil Plait did an excellent rundown of common creationist questions about science and evolution in response to a BuzzFeed post with direct questions from 22 creationists. He was very polite and educational, which some of us (what? Don’t you look at me like that) don’t always have the patience to be.

Seriously, though, Ken Ham and friends, Pat Robertson thinks you’re nuts. Check yourself.

(via The Raw Story, image RWW Blog via YouTube)

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