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Twitter Responds to Our Friend Bill Nye’s #CreationDebate With Creationist Ken Ham

Double points to Nye for keeping a straight face the whole time.

Bill Nye Ken Ham Creation Debate

Last night, Our Friend Bill Nye debated the issue of whether Creationism is a viable model for teaching the origins of the Universe against creationist Ken Ham. (No. No it is not. Stop saying that it is, because it is not.) Obviously, Twitter had some thoughts on the debate. Here are some of our favorite comments.

As we mentioned in our post about the debate, it seemed like creationists saw everything Ham said as a reasonable, factual statement that really showed Bill Nye what for. Meanwhile, smart people were frustrated watching Nye’s evidence-backed arguments of science falling on willfully ignorant ears.

As it is wont to do, Twitter used to the opportunity to make jokes.

There were actually quite a few pictures of Jesus and dinosaurs we found when searching the hashtag. Most were posted ironically; some we couldn’t tell.

Host of PBS Idea Channel, Mike Rugnetta, thought somebody was being left out of the discussion.

As with Creationism itself, the only “evidence” Ham had to present was the bible. His claim that the bible is a book, at least, was accurate.

Some people took Ham’s reliance on a book as evidence to make some other claims.

 C_ntrollers co-host @pixiemania saw an opportunity for some post-debate creative writing…

Former Geekosystem Managing Editor and current Laughing Squid tentacle Rollin Bishop wondered what Nye was writing.

I make no apologies for being 100% on the side of science and reason in this debate, but creationism had its supporters last night as well. Many of them tweeted with the hashtag #TeamHam, which confused some people.

Not unlike their leader Ham, the creationism supporters turned to the bible for evidence.

That’s still not an argument that holds any weight in science.

(Image via Answers in Genesis)

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