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Everything You Need to Know About Particle Accelerators in a Three Minute Cartoon

It should come as no surprise to regular Geekosystem readers that we’re big fans of cartoons over here. We’re also mad into things like particle accelerators. So when we come across something like this recent TEDEducation explanation of how particle accelerators — or atom smashers, as they’re more awesomely known —  work using the medium of cartoons, it’s a match made in heaven for us. We’re pretty sure you’ll dig it, too.

The video even shows how you can make your own (very tiny and weak) particle accelerator at home with just a battery and some metal plates, something we’ll no doubt be putting together post haste. So sit back, relax, and learn a thing or two about particle physics while you polish off that coffee and muffin this morning.

(via TEDEd)

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