British Paralympians to Dress Up as Superheroes for Wheelchair Race Because They Are the Best

It doesn't matter where they actually place in the rankings, they're totally gonna win.
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World record-breaking wheelchair racer and Paralympian Hannah Cockroft has one race left in the 2013 season. To celebrate her upcoming sabbatical, she’s decided to go out with a bang. Possibly also a “Pow!” and maybe a “Klang!” for good measure, because she’ll be dressed up as Wonder Woman for the race.

Cockroft competes as a T34 athlete, a classification specifically for disabled athletes who experience minimal limitations on their arms while pushing a wheelchair. She won two gold medals last year at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London and holds the current Paralympic and World records for the 100-meter T34 and 200-meter T34 races.

The 20-year-old racer will be taking some time off from the racing circuit to prepare for University in September, and plans to don Wonder Woman’s famous costume for her final meet in Coventry. Her best friend, fellow wheelchair racer Melissa Nichols, will join in on the fun as She-Ra. 

But seriously — can athletes competing in cosplay become a thing now? Can we get Peyton Manning to dress up as Booster Gold? Kobe as the Falcon? Danica Patrick as Kate Bishop? Hey, I bet we could legitimately get Chris Kluwe to get on board with some kind of costume. Or maybe Brian Dawkins, because the other editors here are telling me that’s a person.

(via Metro, image via B. Baltimore Brown)

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