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Seven Pitches for Spinoffs of Other 90s Sitcoms Since Girl Meets World Is Happening

Just in case any TV execs are also Geekosystem readers.


Girl Meets World Cory and Topanga

Girl Meets World is really happening! If the show does well then it’s easy to imagine networks scrambling to follow suit and give some other classic sitcoms decades-later spinoffs of their own, so that’s just what we did. We imaged some. Here are pitches for spinoffs we’d like to see.


Steve Urkel is now a college science professor. To save on expenses he rents out his spare room to a boarder — Stefan Urkel. Carl Winslow is now retired from the Chicago Police Department and works as head of security at Urkel’s university.

Empty House

From his work on Wake Up San Francisco Danny Tanner is offered a job in New York hosting Good Morning America. The rest of the Full House gang stays behind in San Francisco, and Danny has to learn how to live alone for the first time in his adult life while he tries to reconnect with his former fianée Vicki.

The New Prince of Bel Air

Will grows up to be an international superstar. When his cousin Ashley’s teenage son (played by Jaden Smith) gets in trouble with the law she sends him to live with his Uncle Will.

The Wonder Years

This would actually be the same exact show, but we replace all of Daniel Stern’s narration with current Fred Savage’s voice.


Alf has returned to his home planet of Melmac. Brian Tanner has grown up to be an astronaut. When a mission to Mars goes wrong, Brian crash lands on Melmac, and Alf has to hide him from the Melmac equivalent of the Alien Task Force that hunted Alf on Earth.

Charles in Charge… OF EVERYTHING

It’s a dystopian future where former live-in babysitter Charles has risen to power as the Supreme World Leader. He makes the Powell family fight to the death for his amusement, while First Lieutenant Lembeck secretly plans to overthrow Charles and establish a base in Fort Lauderdale.

Small Wonder: Rise of the Machines

Roboticist Ted Lawson has been continually improving on his V.I.C.I android. Lawson becomes increasingly paranoid and fearful of the government and begins equipping V.I.C.I with weapons systems and armor until he realizes he’s created an unstoppable killing machine.

Jamie realizes the hell his father has wrought, and tries to deactivate V.I.C.I  for the good of humanity. Out of self-preservation she turns on him and leads an army of other United Robotronics androids in a war against all humans — starting with the execution of the Brindle family.

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