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NBC Working on The Office Spin-Off Starring Dwight Schrute

Deadline reports that NBC is working on a spin-off from The Office featuring resident nutty main character, Dwight Schrute, played by Rainn Wilson, for a potential launch in 2013. With The Office having lost its direction and most of its emotional value even before Steve Carell left the show and took character Michael Scott with him, The Office is still one of NBC’s most recognizable shows, so it wouldn’t be very surprising to see them try to keep the universe alive in some form another after The Office finally kicks the bucket.

The spin-off was the idea of Rainn Wilson and The Office executive producer, showrunner, and character Toby, Paul Lieberstein, and is set to be a family comedy that takes place on Dwight’s beet farm and bed and breakfast, a setting The Office has visited a few times, and frequently references.

A source close The Office said that Wilson and Lieberstein have been joking about how ill-equipped Dwight would be to run a bed and breakfast, and supposedly, NBC felt the same way, and the show has been developed and expanded to included Dwight’s extended family.

This won’t be the first time NBC has attempted to spin something off of The Office, though the first time they tried, that idea eventually ended up as NBC’s other recognizable comedy, Parks and Recreation. Dwight may not leave right away, however, if his spin-off comes to fruition. If The Office gets picked up for another season, it’s possible Dwight will stay on the show until his spin-off’s midseason 2013 launch. The direction his character has taken after Steve Carell’s Michael Scott left would certainly support Dwight leaving the show to do something else, as his character is extremely unhappy he didn’t get promoted, and has been on at least one interview for a new job.

Wilson, Lieberstein, and The Office executive producers Ben Silverman and Howard Klein will act as executive producers for the spin-off. The Office fans need not worry just yet, as NBC is still trying to get commitments from core cast members so it can renew the show for another season, though most of the core cast members are busy working on their own projects, and the general malaise surrounding the current season may be enough to deter them from jumping back into Dunder Mifflin. With The Office already halfway through this season, I guess it won’t be too long before we know for sure.

(via Deadline)

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