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One Piece Is Getting a 79 Million Dollar Theme Park

For those of you that have had your fill at the themed One Piece restaurant and need somewhere similarly themed to go for after dinner festivities, there is now a One Piece theme park in the works, with a budget of a whopping 79 million bucks.

The theme park is proposed to be in an area of 329 acres, and the planned attractions include (yet another) themed restaurant, as well as an anime research center. No, we have no idea if an anime research center is a standard research facility but anime themed, or if it’s a facility that solely researches anime.

Anime News Network points out that various other theme parks have One Piece attractions as well, including The Huis Ten Bosch having a replica of the Thousand Sunny pirate ship act as a cruise ship, and Universal Studios Japan having held the One Piece Premiere Summer even last year.

In Japan, things like this happen. Also in Finland. Unfortunately for us in the United States, we only have two Disneys, two Universals, a ton of Six Flags, as well as some SeaWorlds.

(via Anime News Network)

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