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‘One Piece’ Chapter 1099 Release Date and Time Confirmed

Chapters 1097 and 1098 explained the truth behind the God Valley from One Piece, and fans were left sobbing over these chapters. It was a catastrophe, to say the least, and the history of Jewelry Bonney’s family was finally revealed. Now, it’s time to prepare yourselves for One Piece Chapter 1099.

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In Chapter 1097, Kuma, who was 22, proposed to Ginny, who was 21. The couple was arrested a few years later after a law was changed, and this shift in the law made it legal for Southerners in Castle Town to become enslaved. Ginny, who became the Revolutionary Army Captain of the Eastern Forces, proposed to take down the World Government after these changes.

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But it was revealed that Ginny was abducted and made to be a Celestial Dragon’s wife. In a heartbreaking message to Kuma, she told him that she loved him before passing on to save Bonney. She crossed the sea by day and slowly turned to stone because of Sapphire Scales, just so that Bonney would not suffer the same fate. Kuma was left to raise Bonney, who also inherited the Sapphire Scales condition from Ginny.

Chapter 1098 ended with locals from the Sorbet Kingdom asking for Kuma’s help once more against the tyrannical King Bekori, just like they did 16 years ago. Even if King Bekori is an accessory of the World Government, as Ginny described him, it’s clear that he’s doing serious damage to the inhabitants of Sorbet Kingdom.

With all these revelations, fans are on the edge of their seats and impatiently waiting for One Piece Chapter 1099 to be released. For North American readers, One Piece Chapter 1099 will be released on November 26, 2023, at 8AM PT, 10AM CT, and 11AM EST, respectively. It’s bound to be another rough installment given the events of the previous chapters.

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