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Woman Aims to Break World Record for Facebook Comments With One Million Posts, Mostly Two-Letter Words


This is one of those stories that starts big, and then makes you go, “oh.” Here’s the big part: Sacramento, CA resident and FrontierVille player Cathy Matthews has acquired some one million comments on a single Facebook post. That’s quite a feat, but here’s the part that wrinkles the whole thing: Most of the comments were two-letter words. “Go” seems to have been a popular one.

Currently, Matthews’ post is sitting with 1,001,291 replies. Though Matthews’ repetitious two-letter word strategy seems to have been essential in getting the post over the one million mark, she wasn’t alone. About 107 of her Facebook pals joined in, meaning that the average number of posts is around 9,000 per person. Though The Guinness Book of World Records has been contacted, there’s no official word if this is the new record holder. Considering that the previous record was a mere 529,335, however, Matthews seems like a shoe-in.

When asked by local news channel Fox40, Matthews said that she was aiming for the world record simply to make her mark on the world. She’s quoted as saying:

“I’m no spring chicken anymore and I really haven’t done anything phenomenal,” laughed Matthews.

While it’s easy to mock an endeavor like this, it’s not so different than trying to unlock an in-game achievement or trying to beat any given arcade game. So I’m saying good on her for pulling it together, and hopefully setting the bar so high that no one will attempt this again.

(Fox40 via The Next Web)

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