Once Upon a Time‘s Wonderland Spinoff Gets a Red Queen, a White Rabbit, and a (Hopefully Temporary) Title

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First things first: We can now start referring to Once Upon a Time‘s Alice in Wonderland-themed spinoff as Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. ABC… no. I know you want to make the connection between Once and the spinoff abundantly clear, but that title’s just bad. Please tell me you’ll change it if the show gets picked up.

Moving on to better matters, Paul Reubens, best known as Pee-Wee Herman, will be providing the voice of the White Rabbit. That’s some wonderful casting right there. Also joining the cast alongside the previously announced Sophie Lowe (Alice), Michael Socha (Knave of Hearts), and Peter Gadiot (Cyrus) will be British actress Emma Rigby (Hollyoaks) as the Red Queen.

I’m ashamed to admit that my Alice knowledge is sub-par, because when I first saw that I thought “Waaaait… isn’t that who Once‘s Cora is in Wonderland?” But no. Cora is the Queen of Hearts, the baddie in Alice in Wonderland; the Red Queen is the baddie in Through the Looking-Glass. They’re completely different characters. And we’ll probably be seeing both of them: Once co-creator Adam Horowitz told TV Line “We can’t imagine visiting that time in Wonderland and not seeing Cora as the Queen of Hearts.”

Well, good. You may carry on, then.

(via: Deadline, Huffington Post)

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