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Which Orange Is the New Black Star Turned Down A Chance To Be Buffy Summers?

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Not Kate Mulgrew. Wouldn’t that have been cool, though? Yeah, yeah, the ages don’t match up. Whatever. It’d be awesome and you know it.

The real almost-Buffy in the Orange Is the New Black cast is Natasha Lyonne. Around the time Buffy the Vampire Slayer was being developed the actress was having a career high moment due to her turn in the indie hit Everyone Says I Love You. As will tend to happen, a lot of TV shows wanted to grab the up-and-coming talent. Explains Lyonne:

“They were giving me scripts for Buffy, Dawson’s Creek. I remember going to see my mother after Slums of Beverly Hills. She was like, ‘I told you two things: I told you to get your boobs done, and I told you to do Buffy.’ Incidentally, I think Sarah Michelle Gellar is all-natural in that department.”

Well well well, Natasha Lyonne’s mom. That’s some business acumen, at least as far as Buffy is concerned. (No comment on the boobs.) It’s weird to imagine anyone non-Sarah Michelle or Kristy Swanson in the role. I agree with blastr; Lyonne has a total different vibe to her that would’ve made Buffy—the character and the show—completely different.

Though I wouldn’t mind seeing a show where Lyonne is Buffy and Mulgrew is Giles. Or just a show where Mulgrew is Giles. Yes. That. “All I wanted was to kill the demon that was more evil than all the other demons to absorb its power.”

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