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NYT‘s Bret Stephens Is Here With Another Garbage Coronavirus Take

Seriously, why does this man still have a job?


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What is it about columnist and professional contrarian Bret Stephens that the New York Times finds so irresistible? Is it his use of white supremacist source materials or his denial of climate change? Or maybe it’s his bold claim that rape on college campuses isn’t a problem?

Whatever it is, America’s favorite bed bug is back at it again, with another hot take that has zero basis in reality. In his latest opinion column, “America Shouldn’t Have to Play by New York Rules”, Stephens bemoans that America is being forced to adopt the strict social distancing measures as New York when they don’t have as many cases of COVID-19.

Stephens wonders why folks in Kentucky have to follow the stringent stay at home rules set in place by New York, when they aren’t as hard hit as his home state. So let’s break it down. For starters, the country isn’t taking orders from the state of New York. Pretty much abandoned by the federal government, each state’s governor is implementing their own guidelines and rules, while some places like Georgia lifting their measures this very week.

If eyes are turned to New York for guidance, then it’s as counter-programming. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s daily press briefings offer a professional, informative, and facts-based response to the virus, as opposed to Donald Trump’s rambling, self-congratulatory, and scientifically irresponsible daily reports. One leader tells us to wash our hands and the other tells us to drink bleach. No wonder everyone is looking to New York for some semblance of guidance.

And as for other parts of the country not matching New York’s fatalities: that’s BECAUSE they have been implementing the social distancing guidelines spearheaded by the state hardest hit. It’s cause and effect, Bret. Besides, other states don’t have the population or density that NYC has.

Stephens also claims that many Americans have “dwindling sympathy” for social distancing, which is again false. Despite all the press that the “Reopen America” protests have garnered, they represent the fringiest of the fringe. According to Business Insider, only 14 percent of Americans support ending social distancing to reopen the economy.

Many took to Twitter to call Stephens out on his erroneous and uneducated claims:

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