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Karen Nyberg Picks Up Where Chris Hadfield Left Off, Shows Us How to Wash Hair in Space [Video]

Feel free to use "I have to wash my hair in space" as a way to get out of date proposals, ladies.


Chris Hadfield showed us how astronauts do a lot of things in space, but as a dude with a shorter hairstyle, there’s just some stuff he wasn’t going to be able to tackle. Luckily, Karen Nyberg is up there on the International Space Station to pick up the slack and show us just what long-haired astronauts have to suffer through to stay clean. It seems like a bit of an ordeal, but you also get the added benefit of looking like Guile from Street Fighter II, so it’s clearly worth it.

If you’d asked me before I watched this video about how astronauts with long hair wash it, I probably would have suggested an aerosol can of dry shampoo — aerosol works in space, right? — but I guess having a condensation recycling filter in place means that water is the way to go. Hooray for learning new things!

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