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Artist Creates Nude “Blood Robot Selfie” That Simultaneously Amazes and Creeps Us Out

Congratulations on now having the title of "Weirdest Selfie"

Ghost In The Machine (blood robot selfie) from Ted Lawson on Vimeo.

Have you ever wanted to see a nude self-portrait done in the artists’ own blood with the help of a robot? Because Brooklyn-based artist Ted Lawson’s piece “Ghost in the Machine (blood robot selfie)” is exactly that. You can see the process Lawson went through to create the work in the video above. (Probably best skip this one if you’re squeamish.)

The piece was created using a robot connected directly to a vein in Lawson’s arm. The machine used his blood as ink as it plotted out a pre-loaded full body image of a nude Lawson.

(Ted Lawson via The Verge)

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