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Now That ‘Wolf Pack’ Is Canceled, Can We Get Sarah Michelle Gellar on a Prestige Streaming Series?

Paramount+ has canceled the teen supernatural series Wolf Pack after one season. This is bad news for fans of the Teen Wolf spinoff series, but great news for those of us who think that Sarah Michelle Gellar can do better.

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Wolf Pack was lackluster at best, but its biggest misstep was sidelining the iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress in a supporting role. Gellar had little more to do than walk around with a walkie-talkie in the background. Hopefully, this cancellation will free up Gellar to pursue more interesting projects.

SMG recently delivered a campy supporting turn in Netflix’s Do Revenge as the school’s headmistress. More of this, please! In considering her next steps, I have some suggestions:

A Campy Night-Time Soap Opera

Emily Vancamp and Madeline Stowe in the poster art for 'Revenge'
(image: ABC)

One of my favorite television genres is the night-time soap opera. From Dallas and Dynasty to Melrose Place and Revenge, I am very into hour-long drama series where well-dressed women argue with each other. SMG, who started her career on the daytime soap All My Children, would feel right at home on a campy network soap like Nashville or Desperate Housewives. Even something more prestige like a Big Little Lies or a Nine Perfect Strangers would fit the bill. She almost had it with The CW’s crime thriller series Ringer, but poor writing and a convoluted plot doomed the series to a single season.

A Ryan Murphy Production

A collage of the best seasons of "American Horror Story"
(American Horror Story. image: FX)

While many of his series fall under the “campy soap” category, Ryan Murphy’s work is distinct in that it celebrates actresses of all ages. From Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson on American Horror Story to Calista Flockhart and Demi Moore on Feud: Capote vs. The Swans, Murphy clearly loves reviving the careers of unappreciated stars. Just imagine what Sarah Michelle Gellar could do on a season of AHS or Feud.

An Elevated Video Game Series

Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, sharing a lovely moment in 'The Last of Us' finale
(The Last of Us. image: HBO)

From Twisted Metal to The Last of Us to Fallout, streamers are going all in on video game adaptations. And who better to headline a science-fiction/horror series than SMG? She has the genre experience from BtVS and a built-in audience that wants to see her kick ass.

A Prestige Detective/True Crime Show

Jodie Foster sitting in the middle of papers in True Detective: Night Country
(True Detective: Night Country. image: HBO)

Every streamer has a crime series, from Peacock’s Dr. Death anthology to HBO’s True Detective to two different limited series about Candy Montgomery. Gellar could totally star as either a hardened detective or a murderous woman. It’s called range, people.

A Twisty Supernatural Horror Drama

The cast of 'Yellowjackets' in the past timeline
(Yellowjackets. image: Showtime)

When Laura Lee (Jane Widdop) died on Yellowjackets, so did my dream of seeing Gellar play the older character in the present-day timeline. I would love to see SMG return to the genre that made her famous, whether it has the light-hearted camp of True Blood or the intense horror of Yellowjackets. The former scream queen would be equally at home on an irreverent series like Chucky.

What would be your dream casting for Sarah Michelle Gellar? Let us know in the comments!

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