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‘Wolf Pack’ Connects to ‘Teen Wolf’—But Not How You’d Think

The days of indulging in teen supernatural horror dramas aren’t lost forever. I can’t personally speak on behalf of Wolf Pack because I’ve yet to watch it, but the internet is really buzzing (or growling) about it, in large part because Sarah Michelle Gellar is back—and she hasn’t missed a beat. But ultimately the question many folks are asking isn’t about her return. The most burning question surrounding the new Paramount+ series is whether or not Wolf Pack is connected to Teen Wolf. And I’m here to deliver the answer to your question.

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Does Wolf Pack exist in the Teen Wolf universe?

Are Teen Wolf and Wolf Pack related? Is Wolf Pack a spinoff of Teen Wolf? Depending on how much you love Teen Wolf, you might be disappointed (or relieved) to learn that this isn’t a spinoff. But that doesn’t mean you should write off this series! Also, Paramount+ just released a new Teen Wolf movie, if that helps any.

Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis also created Wolf Pack, which might explain why some have gotten the idea that the two are connected. He obviously loves werewolf lore! Davis also cleared things up for folks in an interview with SFX magazine:

“I know that everybody gets confused by it, but I always say, ‘Nobody thinks Twilight is in the same universe as Interview With The Vampire.’ There can be two werewolf shows that exist in separate spaces. It’s funny because one of the things we did was consciously try and do things differently with Wolf Pack.”

It certainly is helpful to recognize that not all vampire, werewolf, or supernatural horror series are the same, though they do exist in similar spaces. Again, I can’t speak for Wolf Pack, but Sarah Michelle Gellar being attached is enough of a draw for most. And it’s a delight to know she’s had a blast working on this series.

What is Wolf Pack About?

There’s clearly a serious tone to Wolf Pack and it may scratch any itches you may have for violence and werewolves. But what is the series about exactly, and is it remotely similar to Jeff Davis’ previous supernatural hit? Here’s the official synopsis from Paramount+:

“When a raging wildfire descends on California, a mysterious creature hiding out in the forest is awoken and a group of teenagers find their lives changed forever.”

You can now watch the series on Paramount+, and if you don’t have a subscription, a free seven-day trail is available to let you give it a spin.

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