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Your Dreams Are Coming True, North America Is Getting Its First Cat Cafe

They're all going to be French cats, but don't let that put you off.

Cat Cafe

We just told you about the amazing new “cat cafe” phenomenon in Japan, where you pay a set fee to hang out in a giant room full of cats (and drink tea or something, I guess, but that’s not what matters here). But before you start buying plane tickets, get excited, because North America is getting its first-ever cat cafe this summer!

Opening in Montreal, Café Chat l’Heureux (The Happy Cat Cafe) will be opened by Clément Marty, who was inspired to open this feline fantasticness after traveling to Japan and South Korea. Much like Japan’s Ekoneko Cat Cafe, Café Chat l’Heureux will allow customers to adopt their kitties, raise awareness about animal issues in Quebec, and provide customers with “cat therapy.” You’ll also be able to buy coffee, pastries, and tea while you’re there – if you’re not too busy playing with the cats everywhere you guys this sounds awesome.

You can help Café Chat l’Heureux get off the ground by donating on their website or Facebook page. If you’re still not convinced that Cat Cafes are amazing, and you missed our earlier post about it, here’s Canadian YouTuber Sharla in Japan‘s video on her experiences at two of Japan’s best:

(via MTL Blog, image via Chantelle)

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