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New Man of Steel Trailer’s Frankly Rather Impressive [Video]

We have never been more excited to see Superman ever.

Man of Steel is flying fists-first into theaters on June 14th, so to get us even more pumped for the Nolan-produced gritty Superman reboot, Nokia just put out this final trailer for your viewing pleasure. It’s a little lighter on the tear-jerkingly inspirational sentiment and a little heavier on the balls-to-the-wall mind-blowing action this time around, meaning that it’s safe to watch in front of all your bro friends. That is, unless watching the fiery ruination of Krypton makes you cry, too. It’s okay, we won’t judge.

Okay, real talk for a quick second: Yes, this trailer is obviously super cool and shows us a lot more explosions than we’ve seen in all the other ones. But I also need to zoom in on a specific second of it, namely 1:16.


Why did I not know that Christopher effin’ Meloni was going to be in this movie until catching a glimpse of his steely Catholic jaw just now? It was apparently announced weeks ago! I am so ashamed of myself! Well, ashamed and, like, thirteen times more excited. Is it June 14th yet?

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