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Did LEGO Just Out the Plots of Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel?

A new series of super hero-themed LEGO sets based on recent and upcoming comic book films may have just confirmed, if not revealed, key plot points from Marvel’s next movie, Iron Man 3, and Zach Snyder’s upcoming take on Superman, Man of Steel. A list of upcoming LEGO sets, on track to come out in 2013, feature Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Superman. Though some of the sets clearly have no relationship their film counterparts, (there’s a Batman-themed set called “Aquaman on Ice.”) the Iron Man and Superman-themed sets match up with rumored details about Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel.

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For the record, the rest of this post may contain relatively detailed spoilers about Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel. Proceed at your own risk.

The following is a list of super hero-themed LEGO sets on track to come out in 2013, according to Brick Set.

  • 76000 Arctic Batman vs. Mr.Freeze – Aquaman on Ice
  • 76001 Batman vs. Bane – Chase with Tumbler
  • 76002 Superman Metropolis Showdown
  • 76003 Superman Battle of Smallville
  • 76004 Spider-Man – Hunting with Spider-Cycle
  • 76005 Spider-Man – Mission at Daily Bugle
  • 76006 Iron Man Extremis
  • 76007 Iron Man Malibu Mansion
  • 76008 Iron Man vs Mandarin
  • 76009 Superman Black Zero Escape

According to /Film, screenings and panels at Comic-Con have confirmed that Mandarin would, in fact, be the primary villain in Iron Man 3. Apparently, there’s a sequence in the film where Tony Stark and Mandarin fight, destroying Stark’s mansion. If the first two sets are, in fact, based on the film, then one could infer that Iron Man’s more powerful Extremis armor may be in the film as well.

As for the plot of Man of Steel, the connections are slightly less sound. That “Battle of Smallville” and “Metropolis Showdown” sets are both likely sequences from the film, though their existence hasn’t been confirmed in any official capacity. Assuming they are both in there, then the third set, “Black Zero Escape,” may have revealed the film’s second villain. Michael Shannon has confirmed that he’ll be playing Zod in the film, and reports have indicated that Faora will also be in the film. All of this begs the question; is there room for three villains in one Superman movie?

(Brick Set via /Film)

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