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How Nintendo Killed 3DS Interest: 9 Easy Steps Over One Year [Infographic]

Japan isn’t buying the Nintendo 3DS for all the seasons one might expect: Poor current library of games, a hefty price tag, or because they’re satisfied by other handheld systems. Though we have Japan’s reasons, what exactly led to them? Couldn’t Nintendo have done something about it? After all, they’re in control of their own handheld. Check out the full chart explaining how Nintendo killed interest in the Nintendo 3DS. It only took Nintendo one year to do so — hey, they’re still good at something!

Granted, the chart doesn’t actually detail many limitations of the actual 3DS unit, such as the poor battery life, the fact that the 3D slider works best on the lowest setting rather than the highest, and that the 3D doesn’t actually work unless the player sets his or her head at a very specific angle from the 3D screen and never moves either their head or the screen even slightly, essentially eliminating the whole point of the device — 3D display — from the unit entirely when using the handheld in any kind of unsteady situation, such as in a car or train.

(via Sean Malstrom)

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