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There’s a New SNES Game out Called Nightmare Busters, Welcome to the Mid-`90s, Everyone

Our time machine! It worked!


Remember when you were young, and unboxing a brand new plastic game cartridge containing a blisteringly hard 2D side-scroller was pretty much the highlight of your life? I do, and that’s why the news that there’s a brand new SNES game out that you can actually buy has filled me with a sense of childlike glee.

I’m not necessarily a huge fan of retro games in general, but this is no ordinary pretend-retro game. This is an honest to God, original SNES game developed in the mid-`90s that never made it into stores, and it will be the first official (though not Nintendo-authorized) release for the system since 1998. It’s like waking up one day and being told that your childhood isn’t over just yet.

Sure, there have been modders before who put games on classic cartridges and so forth, and plenty of downloadable games that look like SNES games have been made, but Nightmare Busters cartridges are newly manufactured and come in SNES boxes with a manual and everything. It’s been released by retro publisher Super Fighter Team in cooperation with the original developers, so everything is above board, and you can feel secure in your purchase (if you can get past the $70 price tag).

If you’ve still got your SNES of a system that will play the cartridges, you might as well relive your childhood and plunk down a bunch of money for a brand new old game. Otherwise, what are you keeping that thing around for? You can see a bunch more screenshots and order the game right from Super Fighter Team here, but you may have to wait a while to receive your copy.

You know, in addition to the wait since the game was originally shown in Nintendo Power in the `90s.

(via Wired, image via Super Fighter Team)

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