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There Are New Broken Age Trailers out and Dang, This Game Looks Goooood

We're sorry, Double Fine. Please have all our money as an apology.

Admittedly, we’ve been pretty skeptical about Double Fine’s upcoming adventure game, Broken Age, what with all the production delays and budget concerns. But, the company just released two longer, fully-animated, fully-voiced trailers to promote Act I of the game, and oh my god—they’re gorgeous. Give us more!

Above is the trailer for Vella’s story, which I’m just a bit more excited about, to be brutally honest — it’s hard to find good female protagonists with darker skin colors in games, and the whole girl-fighting-back-against-society-that-has-no-problem-with-her-being-eaten storyline definitely resonates with me. That’s not to say that Shay’s trailer, below, doesn’t look just as interesting and compelling, because it certainly does. Overprotective A.I. mother figure sheltering a biological life form from the outside world? Yes, please.

Act 1 was just made available to everyone who backed the original kickstarter last year, but for everybody else, it will be ready to download from Steam on January 28. I was only mildly interested before, but I’m definitely marking my calendar now. Those trailers are seriously excellent.

(via Double Fine on Youtube and Digital Trends)

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