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Play This First-Person Mischievous Cat Simulator Where Your Goal Is “Knock Stuff Over”

It isn't called "Cat-amari," but it should be.


Catlateral Damage 1

Being a cat would be awesome: someone else feeds you; “take nap” is the number one thing on your agenda; and no matter how many valuables or pieces of furniture you destroy, your owner will still love you. The creators of indie game Catlateral Damage ran with that idea, because who doesn’t want to play a game where you’re a mischievous cat?

Available to play for free right now, Catlateral Damage is a first-person cat simulator where your only objective is to knock as many of your owner’s belongings to the floor as you can in two minutes. I have no doubt that this should be Game of the Year 2014. Just look at the gameplay and try to tell me you’re not going to go mess around with this for the rest of the day:

Catlateral Damage GIF 1

Catlateral Damage GIF 2

Catlateral Damage GIF 3

The developers are planning to add more rooms/levels to the game soon, but for now you have to content your kitty self with just your owner’s bedroom. If we get a Kickstarter going, do you think they could make this compatible with the Oculus Rift?

(via Alpha Beta Gamer, image via Catlateral Damage)

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