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Samuel L. Jackson (as Nick Fury) Is Not Impressed With Captain France in Winter Soldier International Marketing

Samuel L. Jackson is contractually required to drop one F-bomb per appearance.


Hey, guys, come on, those are some pretty tired stereotypes—what? Oh, this is from a French show called Le Grand Journal? Nevermind, this is awesome self-deprecating humor. Way to go, France. Still, the absolute best part of this is watching Samuel L. Jackson’s reactions. I don’t think he had to dig too deep for the disapproving looks.

Alternately, maybe it’s a satire on how our “Captain” prances around and acts all “American,” and other countries think it looks silly. You sly French comedians, you.

Either way, as a bonus, you can learn to swear in French from Samuel L. Jackson by watching the subtitles.

(MsGirardFrenchClass via UPROXX)

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