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Jurassic Systems Is The Samuel L Jackson Roleplay Website You’ve Been Waiting For

The magic word was actually "mothafuqqa."


The hacking scene from Jurassic Park stands out surprisingly well in a movie full of other memorable things, like dinosaur poop and Jeff Goldblum. Now thanks to the delightful Jurassic Systems website, you can personally experience what it’s like to get hacked by Dennis Nedry. Hold on to your butts, obviously.

This JavaScript/HTML time waster was programmed by Tully Robinson to put users in the shoes of chain-smoking Ray Arnold. Feel free to waste countless hours fiddling around on it, presuming you don’t mind being taunted by a visor wearing slob.  (Type “access main security please”. I dare you.)

Be right back, I’m still trying to figure out if the raptor fences are on.

(via Gizmodo, image via Jurassic System)

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