Watch the New Xbox Announcement Right Here [Live Stream]

Today marks the official announcement of the new Xbox 720 Durango Infinity… you know what, the technical name is kind of immaterial, and we’ll all have an official one for it in just a few hours when the big reveal kicks off at 1 pm ET/10 am ET. Join us for the launch and watch the live stream to learn more about the latest console you can’t afford to buy but probably will anyway.

We don’t have a live stream for you to watch right now, but we will closer to go time. Until then, please accept this video of red pandas playing in the snow and know that the second we are able to embed a live stream of the big event here, we will do just that.

What do we know so far? Well, it looks like the dreaded “always on” feature was nixed in development, delaying work on the even more dreaded “constantly watching you” feature, which now won’t be implemented until the Xbox Five Zillion is implanted into your frontal cortex in 2019. The company has been more cagey about whether or not the new system will play used games. We’ll be much happier campers when that rumor gets put to rest at this afternoon’s press conference.

And if it’s confirmed by the announcement instead? Well, I guess…riot? Sure, why not.

On a more hopeful note, what are you hoping to see announced about the new console on the block? Personally, I’m still holding out hope for a cup holder attachment so my controller can double as a beer koozie.

UPDATE: Still no actual Xbox stream, but here’s CNET doing a live stream of their own talking about the reveal, and they’ll probably give a look at the stream from time to time as well. Almost here!


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