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Galadriel and Gandalf Are Gettin’ Hella Cozy In Latest Batch Of The Hobbit Posters


What, you thought they were gonna stop after all of those intense close-up posters? Naaaah. Not when there are ships to ignite! Check out the rest of these The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies posters, featuring Thranduil’s army, Thorin’s throne, and more Gandalf/Galadriel lovin’ then you can shake an angry Celeborn at.

But wait! One quick detour before we get to the other posters, as I am contractually obligated as The Mary Sue’s senior Sailor Moon-thologist to point this out:


Gandalf sure does make the prettiest princess Serenity, is my point. Anyway, here we go!

And finally,

You’re welcome, A03. You’re welcome.

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