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What’s The Hold-Up On That Netflix Original Star Trek Series?



Earlier this month Larry Nemecek disappointed many of us by debunking a rumor that Netflix and CBS were in talks to produce a new Star Trek series. Sigh. But it seems the dream may become a reality yet!

Nemecek admitted that although no noteworthy agreement had been reached between the two companies (so chill out, Internet!) Netflix has made “overtures. But none taken. So far.” There are already 737 episodes of Star Trek available to watch instantly on the streaming service, and according to Nemecek, they continue to be one of the company’s “top draws.” So if Netlix is willing, why the lack of a new series to nerd over?

Uproxx says the relationship between CBS and Viacom, both of which hold some of the rights to Star Trek even though the two companies split up in 2006, might be preventing negotiation. (Uproxx also reports that Viacom and CBS’ respective CEOs get along about as well as the Klingon and Kirk, so that might account for some of the delay.)

Viacom also works more often with Amazon, whereas CBS prefers Netflix. Cable companies Epix and Showtime are also likely reluctant to lose a huge asset like Star Trek to their biggest competitor.

So, yes: Star Trek is a very hot property for Netflix. Hopefully any politics that may be impeding progress on a new series can be resolved soon for the greater good. In the meantime, as Nemecek says, one way for fans to show their interest in a new series is to keep watching the catalog of episodes available now on Netflix. It’s a hard job, but I think we’re up to the task.

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