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No, Netflix Is Not In Talks to Produce A New Star Trek Series. Probably.

Set phasers to "tentative hopefulness tainted with fear."


Yesterday an anonymous article fooled many on the Internet into thinking that Larry Nemecek, the Universe’s highest Star Trek authority, had announced Netflix and CBS were in talks to create a new Trek series. Alas, it appears we are not worthy: Nemecek has (mostly) debunked the rumor.

The original article claimed Nemecek announced at Pheonix Comicon that CBS was in talks with Netflix to produce a new Trek series and end the show’s almost decade-long absence from TV. The report said that every episode would be created as a Netflix Original Series, along the same veins as the streaming service’s popular Orange is the New Black or House of Cards. The article also claimed that the deal would be “lucrative” (hey, if you’re going to start a rumor, why not make it extra juicy?), and would “provide CBS, license owners to #StarTrek , “royalties” for every individual viewing of an episode (of the proposed series) on Netflix.”

Nemecek wasted no time calling out the author of the false report (seriously, do not get on this dude’s bad side) via his blog, but his response shouldn’t leave fans feeling hopeless:

I know Trek fans are hungry for new material and hoping that someone “gets it” and gets on with doing one. That’s why everything from the continuing novels to fan fiction, to Star Trek Online and other games, to the fan films, to cosplayers and prop and shipbuilders are all still going strong: People are desperate for new Star Trek–including the new fans driven by JJ or the Bluray remasters and, yes, mass Netflix availability. And, said desperate fans pounce on every crumb that’s out there–as good fans would. Or they could do even more, like organizing a Facebook “petition” campaign to get Netflix to produce a fifth season of Enterprise.

Nemecek also admits that the original post wasn’t entirely off base, saying Netflix has made “overtures. But none taken. So far. ” Since the 737 episodes of Star Trek currently available on Netflix continue to be one of the service’s biggest draws, he reassures that it’s “in Netflix’s interest” to ensure the show gets a chance to live long and prosper.

In the meantime, Trekkies may have to make do with another movie. Let’s just try and forget that Alice Eve scene ever happened.

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