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Netflix in Talks With CBS to Revive Jericho, Which Was Already Revived Once

TV Guide reports that Netflix has approached CBS about reviving Jericho, the four-year-dead post-apocalyptic series that was already canceled once and subsequently revived for a final season due to a rather creative outpouring of fan support. It involved a lot of peanuts. Fans of the show will recall that the revived final season summed up the story, for the most part, so a revival would be a little odd, though when dealing with fiction, pretty much anything is possible. Fans of the show will also be thrilled to know that TV Guide reports CBS is actually considering it.

For those unaware, when the show initially got canceled, avid fans essentially bombarded CBS with many shipments of peanuts, as one of the last lines in the last episode before the revival involved the main character saying “nuts.” Some of you may remember that Arrested Development is also getting a mini-revival on Netflix, and that show ended even longer ago than Jericho, so Netflix probably isn’t ill-equipped to handle a revival.

Of course, there would be many hurdles in the way of a revival, including getting enough of the old cast and production crew back together, many of which have moved on to other projects. As we’ve seen with shows like FireflyFriday Night Lights, and the old HBO Sports Night rumors, it’s not exactly easy getting a live action show put back on the air, even if it has only been dead for a short while.

Jericho was a pretty entertaining show, but the post-revival season was visibly hampered by the budget of a show that got canceled and then revived for a few episodes. Though still decent, the second season was much different than the first, as the cast rarely left the titular town, and action sequences were few and far between. A Netflix revival, if not given a proper budget, could end up like the post-revival season — good, but apparently not good enough to survive for a third season. It’d be great to get the show back, however, even if the series ended with satisfying plot resolution.

(via TV Guide)

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