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Every Original NES Game Makes up this Gorgeous Nebula

Even Day Dreamin' Davey? Yeah. Even Day Dreamin' Davey.

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Click the image for the high-res version.

You may have had a lot of games for the original NES, but you probably didn’t have all of them. There were over 700 games made for the system, and they’re all featured in this beautiful poster that spirals outward like a nebula — a NESula if you will. No? Fair enough. Take a look and try to find your favorite.

The poster breaks the games down into eight different spiralling arms each representing a different category. There are Platformer/Side-scrolling; Puzzle/Racing/Driving; RPG/Simulation; Shoot Em Up; Fighting/Beat Em Up; Zapper/Power Pad/Power Glove; Sports; and Multi-Genre categories.

“The Nebula of NES Games” is available as a 24″ x 36″ print from Pop Chart Labs for $32, but it’s on sale for $26 for today only. You can even have it custom framed through their site. It seems like the kind of thing our readers would like up on their walls.

(via Pop Chart Labs)

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