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The Nintendo Lunchbox Entertainment System

We’ve already brought you the NES briefcase for the businessman on the go who needs to bring a little bit of the good old-fashioned 8-bit goodness around with him, but what if you’re a little tyke and you want to be just like daddy? The NES Lunchbox has you covered. Complete with a sandwich slot and handy controller handle, the NES Lunchbox will handle all of your carrying needs until you grow up and sell your soul (just like daddy did) and have to trade your lunchbox full of GoGurt for a briefcase full of broken dreams and silent, midnight tears.

The lunchbox is the brain child of redditor Masennus who embarked on the project once his NES had stopped working. Best possible use for a dead NES? I think so. More pictures after the jump.

(reddit via Geekologie)

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